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Knievel live

Saturday April 12
with Royal Chant
Captain Cook Hotel
162 Flinders St, Paddington

Thursday December 18
with Belles Will Ring
Union Hotel
576 King St, Newtown

Sunday November 17
with Toby Martin, The Exile Co., Community Radio, The Sticker Club and Sunny Kids
Petersham Bowling Club
77 Brighton Street, Petersham
2-7 pm
Kids welcome

Sunday September 15
with Sounds Like Sunset + JR Smith
Petersham Bowling Club
77 Brighton Street, Petersham
3 pm
Kids welcome

Friday August 9
with The Wednesday Night
The Green Room Lounge
156 Enmore Rd, Enmore
Free from 8 pm

Thursday June 20
Midnight Special
44 Enmore Rd, Newtown

Saturday May 11
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

Saturday May 4
The Toff in Town, Melbourne

Sunday April 21
Powerhouse, Brisbane

Saturday April 20
Southside Tea Room, Brisbane

Friday March 22
with Charge Group and Jordan Ireland (The Middle East)
Goodgod Small Club
53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney
(Early show - please note playing times)
Jordan Ireland (The Middle East) 7.45pm
Knievel 8.30pm
Charge Group 9.35pm

Saturday March 9
with Bob Mould
The Factory, Marrickville
Factory website

Friday March 1
with Songs and The Wedding Present (playing 'The Hit Parade')
Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
Oxford Art Factory website

Thursday February 7
Union Hotel
576 King St, Newtown
with La Huva

2012 dates

Sunday November 19
Hollywood Hotel, Surry Hills

Sunday November 4
Pure Pop Records
221 Barkly St, St Kilda

The Post Office
231 Sydney Road, Coburg

Saturday November 3
Melbourne Album Launch
Yah-Yah's Fitzroy

Sunday October 28
It's a Family Affair
Petersham Bowl
Family Friendly all ages show
Knievel on at 4pm

Friday October 26
Brisbane Album Launch
The Hideaway, Fortitude Valley

Saturday October 20
Knievel play their 1997 album Steep Hill Climb in full,
supporting Belles Will Ring
The Vanguard, Newtown

Wednesday October 3
Sydney Album Launch
**early gig - band on 7.15pm**
The Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst

Wednesday September 19
FBi Radio Lunch Break
FBi Social, Kings Cross Hotel

Friday September 14
Knievel celebrate the release of their record with a special acoustic instore at
Red Eye Records

Knievel news

9 April 2014

Knievel play (near) Hordern Pavilion

Sydney band Knievel are excited to announce that they will be playing this Saturday at a venue near the prestigious Hordern Pavilion. It's the first time the band has played near the Hordern Pavilion since the launch of their album 'Emerald City'.

The Hordern was originally constructed in 1924 as an exhibition pavilion for the Royal Easter Show but over recent decades has hosted such legendary bands as Nirvana and the Pixies.

Knievel will be playing less than half a kilometre from the venue at the nearby Captain Cook Hotel on Moore Park Road. The hotel has become renowned as a stopover or meeting place for people on their way to the Hordern.

They will be playing with the fabulous Royal Chant and will be taking the stage when it is their turn to play.

Royal Chant
Saturday April 12th
Captain Cook Hotel
162 Flinders St, Paddington

18 December 2013

Knievel Office Christmas Party

Knievel will be holding their annual office Christmas party at the Union Hotel this Thursday night (tomorrow night, or tonight, depending on when you're reading this...).

Although Knievel office parties are usually restricted to employees, shareholders and staff of Knievel, the band has generously agreed to play for any fans and hotel patrons remaining after the usual Thursday night Union Hotel badge draw.

Employee of the Year Award is expected to go to the team leader who spearheaded the recent re-branding campaign, which saw the band briefly play as KNVL before a temporary court order from Kalyani Net Ventures Ltd. halted proceedings. Knievel will be auctioning off the recently acquired KNVL car registration plates on the evening to raise funds for a top flight legal defence team in what is expected to be lengthy court battle.

There will be surprise Xmas giveaways, and Knievel are delighted to be joined on the evening by a very special appearance of Belles Will Ring.

Belles Will Ring
Thursday December 19, 2013
Union Hotel
576 King St, Newtown

15 November 2013

Knievel announces name abbreviation

Sydney transitionally named band Knievel have announced that going forward they will be known as KNVL.

The band has signalled that the name change will free them up to use fewer letters while typing and they anticipate that they will be able to devote the extra time to more artistic pursuits.

The name change will be effective from midnight on Saturday and the band is requesting all internet sites update their profiles.

Some critics of the change have accused the band of a conspicuous attempt to 'youthify' their image. The band have hit back saying that is "utter nonsense".

The band's publicist, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he anticipated the cost savings from reduction in misspellings alone would be significant. He refused to put a figure on the savings but said, "They could be very substantial".

Rumours of the change had been circulating for months, since a leak on the website. It is believed a worker at a clothing manufacturer in China posted pictures of the band's new T-shirts emblazoned with the abbreviated logo. At the time the band tried to disassociate themselves from the leak, which included the paperwork for an order of 200,000 units.

The band will head out with their new moniker this weekend to play at the Petersham Bowling Club (or PBC) this Sunday November 17. The show will wrap up a year of touring with Toby Martin (not continuously) that has seen them visit places such as Melbourne and Brisbane.

A Family Affair
Petersham Bowling Club
Sunday November 17
2-7 pm
with KNVL, Toby Martin, The Exile Co., Community Radio, The Sticker Club and Sunny Kids.

6 August 2013

Gig imminent

Friends, room-mates, country people. Lend us your ears.

Sydney medium-paced music purveyors Knievel require the usage of your ears for their gig this Friday night at The Green Room in Enmore.

The band will be providing music and visual delights and in turn all that is required of the audience is that they drink, be merry and listen.

Being a Friday, some early surliness will be tolerated, but as the evening unfolds and discussions about work pressures begin to grow tiresome, it is expected that there will be general bonhomie amongst audience members.

Support on the night will be provided by the fabulous The Wednesday Night but the gig is most assuredly taking place on the Friday night.

The Wednesday Night
The Green Room
156 Enmore Rd, Enmore
Friday, August 9th

Knievel at The Green Room


10 May 2013

Knievel play gig with Toby Martin in Sydney tomorrow night!

The Knievel juggernaut rolls into town this weekend for the final leg of their extensive tour with Toby Martin. It is possible the tour will be extended due to popular demand although at this stage no such popular demand exists. The bands have in recent weeks played gigs in well known places such as Brisbane and Melbourne and have now ironed out all kinks in their elaborate stage show.

Knievel members will join Toby onstage for rousing versions of four songs from his brilliant album Love's Shadow.

And for those interested in rock history, Knievel have finally got around to uploading the clip for their Year 2000 single 'Don't Explain'. The video was directed by Cate Shortland and the band dressed up for the occasion.

» Don't Explain video

TOBY MARTIN (solo & with Knievel)

Saturday 11th May
Brighton Up Bar, 1/77 Oxford St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

11 April 2013

Knievel ‘Songs From the Emerald City’ tour with Toby Martin

Sydney song purveyors Knievel are about about to embark on a fabulous East Coast tour with Toby Martin (Youth Group).

Toby recently released his brilliant album Love's Shadow around the same time as Knievel released Emerald City.

They have a history stretching back many years and are very excited to be taking to the airways of the Eastern Seaboard together.

As Toby writes…

Toby and Knievel are thrilled to announce their ‘Songs From the Emerald City’ tour. Toby and Wayne Connolly (from Knievel) have a long history of making records together. All the way back, in fact, to the heady days of the early 2000s. This tour will be a chance to celebrate that history and their continuing musical and song-writing like-mindedness.

Toby explains some connections:

"The first time I heard a Knievel song was in Canberra. I was 19. Driving my parents’ car across the lake. They had pretty melodies AND great, noisy guitars. I thought you weren’t allowed to do both. Knievel helped create a glimmer of realisation that pop songs could have distortion, feedback and weird-sounding tunings. In fact they were better when they did.’

"Fast forward a few years to Sydney’s Kings Cross. Turtlerock Studios on Kellett St. Moreton Bay Figs and neon and the old man restaurant below the window. Wayne Connolly was producing Youth Group’s first album ‘Urban And Eastern’. I totally fucking loved that time. We were working with a producer who took guitar and drum sounds very seriously. But didn’t take himself, or us, that seriously.

"As anyone who has worked with Wayne will attest, there are lot of jokes in the studio. And this approach stayed with me: making a record should take time, it should take thought, it should be taken seriously. But it should also be approached with a light touch. Weird tunings and jokes. Wayne always had the best jokes."

Wayne went on to produce the first three Youth Group records, and there have been many other musical collaborations over the years. But they have never toured together. It’s time to right that oversight Australia!


Saturday 20th April
Southside Tea Room, Brisbane

Sunday 21st April
Powerhouse, Brisbane

Saturday 4th May
The Toff in Town, Melbourne

Saturday 11th May
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

11 January 2013

Knievel Out of Office Reply

This is an automatically generated press release - Knievel are on leave till the 7th February... when they will play at The Union Hotel in Newtown with La Huva!

Being automatically generated, this press release will be in cold, dot-point form from now on:

- Knievel's Emerald City is set for release on vinyl on Jan 18th.

- Wayne has been overseas playing guitar with Peter Milton Walsh, Amanda Brown and a group of merry European minstrels in The Apartments.

- Critics have raved about Emerald City - 4 stars in SMH, 4.5 stars in the Courier Mail, Indie album of the week in Brag etc...

- The album Emerald City was feature album on ABC Dig Music over Christmas.

- Knievel support indie legends The Wedding Present at Oxford Arts Factory on March 1st.

So come down to The Union and shake off that Christmas torpor - Kick Out The Hams!

Knievel + La Huva
Thursday Feb 7
Union Hotel
576 King St, Newtown

22 October 2012

Knievel launch album in Brisbane and Melbourne, win Google search and disperse other information including that pertaining to 4-star reviews in Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out and Inpress.

Sydney rock and pop purveyors Knievel are travelling to Brisbane and Melboure in the next two weeks to celebrate the release of their new album Emerald City.

The band will play The Hideaway Friday, October 26th 2012 with Brisbane legends Halfway, and Yah Yah’s in Melbourne on Saturday Nov 3.

The album has been released through prestigious Australian music label Alberts and has received glowing reviews including 4 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald and Time Out/Inpress.

Band members were stunned to discover recently that some journalists were under the impression they had broken up. Whilst admitting to a short dormant period over the last decade, the band moved to hose down speculation and reassure fans and shareholders alike that nothing could be further from the truth. They have recently been awarded the prestigious first position in the Google search for the word Knievel, beating about 3.55 million other contenders.

Their new album is the result of two years’ tinkering in the studio by ARIA-winning producer Wayne Connolly and his band-mates, Tracy Ellis (bass), Nick Kennedy (drums) and Tim Kevin (guitar). Music videos for three album tracks – 'The Time I Found My Feet', 'Through The Rainbow Dark' and 'They Listen Out' – are available for viewing on Knievel’s youtube channel.

The album is available now on CD and iTunes and the band is also pressing a very limited edition vinyl release due before Christmas and available for pre-order through Red Eye Records in Sydney.

To coincide with the release of Emerald City, the band has also made available their back catalogue on iTunes. This is the first digital release for most of the band’s recordings, many of which have been out of print for some time. Steep Hill Climb comes with a bonus track, a version of 'Something Good Must Come' featuring Josh Pyke on vocals, recorded for the film Monkey Puzzle.

3 October 2012

Knievel offer senior positions...

After 18 years of delivering quality sonic produce to satisfied customers, Sydney rock conglomerate Knievel are offering positions in their organisation for senior equipment carrying executives.

The successful applicant will be invited to carry a large amount of gear to and from gigs and should demonstrate competency in lifting things up and putting them in the right spot. They should be suitably qualified and have a helpful, outgoing and quiet personality.

Salary range is somewhere in the vicinity of $50 and $80.

Knievel urgently require applicants to get in touch with them for their Sydney album launch at The Local Taphouse this Wednesday night.

Knievel Album Launch

Early Show 7.00pm!

The Local Taphouse 122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst

Wednesday, October 3rd - 7pm

P.S. It's a cosy venue with foodand a large selection of beers. Bars and rooftop open upstairs - should be fun!

21 September 2012

Knievel order recall of Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney pop upstarts Knievel have ordered a product recall or today's Sydney Morning Herald after discovering that the four-star review of their album, Emerald City, has been printed with the wrong cover artwork.

In a humiliating backdown, the Herald has issued an apology and announced they will be reprinting today's paper tomorrow with the correct Knievel cover art.

A collector's market has sprung up around the 'incorrect Knievel art' issue with people paying upwards of $1.70 to secure their copy of the recalled edition. The band are offering to autograph copies via their Facebook page.

17 September 2012

Knievel re-enter fray and re-relocate

Stunned by the discovery that some journalists were under the impression that they had broken up, Sydney pop, rock and roll group Knievel have moved to hose down speculation and reassure fans and shareholders alike that nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst they have had a short dormant period over the last decade, the band have explained that it was purely due to a misunderstanding, which has only recently been brought to light.

In a move that band members now admit was ill-advised, the group relocated to Brooklyn to immerse themselves in the vibrant music scene. Some time after their move, it became apparent to the band that the music scene was conspicuously quiet and there were very few hip new bands or bars in the area.

Alarm bells rang when it was discovered that there was a second Brooklyn in the US and it was considerably more famous than the town north of Sydney on the Hawkesbury River.

On closer inspection of the internet, the truth was revealed - the band had simply moved to the wrong Brooklyn and a short missive was sent out by band management apportioning blame to a local real estate agent who had described the area as 'vibrant'.

Knievel have relocated back to Sydney to coincide with the release of their new album Emerald City, available now from all good CD and online music retail stores.

To coincide with the album release, the band have unveiled a third music video from the album for the track They Listen Out.

Knievel will be officially launching Emerald City in Sydney on Wednesday, October 3 at The Local Taphouse (formerly The Palace Hotel) on the corner of Flinders and South Dowling Streets, Darlinghurst. The band will be onstage at 7pm and entry is free.

In the meantime tune in to FBi this Wednesday, September 19th at lunchtime or drop in to FBi Social at the Kings Cross Hotel to catch a live set by the band.

14 September 2012

Knievel release new album, sign to Alberts…

“Knievel have slowly and surely carved out their own unique and brilliant space across the last 15 years... Their new album Emerald City is their high watermark... If you love Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500, Luna, The Bats etc. or if you don't know these bands and just love intelligent dreamy guitar pop then you must check out this song and video ['Through The Rainbow Dark'] and then the album... “
– John O’Donnell

Knievel recently announced the release of their new album Emerald City and the signing to prestigious Australian music label, Alberts. The album is the result of two years tinkering in the studio by ARIA-winning producer Wayne Connolly and his bandmates, Tracy Ellis (bass), Nick Kennedy (drums) and Tim Kevin (guitar). The band has already made two singles from the album available on iTunes – 'The Time I Found My Feet' and 'Through The Rainbow Dark'. The album is available now on CD and iTunes. The band will also be pressing a limited edition vinyl release before Christmas.

Album launch…

Knievel will be launching Emerald City on October 3 at The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst, formerly known as the infamous Palace Hotel on the flat-iron-shaped corner of Flinders and South Darling Sts. The venue holds a special place in Knievel’s hearts – Connolly once lived upstairs with fellow uni students, ran the PA in the downstairs bar, and wrote his first song in his bedroom, which is now the upstairs bar. The band will be on at 7.15pm, so come early for this special, intimate and free show. (See live section for more information on launch dates in Brisbane and Melbourne.)

Back catalogue now on iTunes…

To coincide with the release of Emerald City, the band has also made available their back catalogue on iTunes. This is the first digital release for most of the band’s recordings, many of which have been out of print for some time. Steep Hill Climb comes with a bonus track, a version of 'Something Good Must Come' featuring Josh Pyke on vocals, recorded by the band for the film Monkey Puzzle.

Steep Hill Climb live event…

Knievel will be playing the Steep Hill Climb album in entirety at the Vanguard on October 20, supporting Belles Will Ring. Tickets for that show are on sale through the venue and selling fast. » The Vanguard

Knievel announce new website, auction off old site…

You are looking at Knievel’s new website, designed by Knievel’s long-term collaborator, esteemed rock historian and keeper of the great Australian music flame, Roger Griffin, who also designed the cover art for Emerald City. Knievel are auctioning off their old website to the highest bidder.

19 August 2012

News from Knievel

Knievel released their latest music video from the forthcoming album Emerald City last Friday.

The song 'Through The Rainbow Dark'* is the opening track on Emerald City, which will be released on the Alberts label on September 14.

Knievel's back catalogue will also be made available on iTunes, including the albums We Fear Change, Steep Hill Climb, The Name Rings A Bell That Drowns Out Your Voice and the collection of B-sides and rarities, No One's Going To Understand In My Way.

The digital version of Steep Hill Climb will come with a bonus track - an acoustic version of 'Something Good Must Come' with Josh Pyke on vocals, recorded in 2007 for the closing credits of Australian film Monkey Puzzle.

Knievel will be playing at the Union Hotel in Newtown this Thursday, August 23.

On October 20, Knievel will be playing Steep Hill Climb in full at The Vanguard in support of Belles Will Ring.

More shows, including album launches in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne will be announced in coming weeks.

You can watch the new video here

*'Through The Rainbow Dark' takes its title from a line in a Ted Hughes poem from the collection Birthday Letters. Coincidentally, Friday was also Ted Hughes' birthday… he would have been 82, so happy birthday, Ted.

24 July 2012

News from Knievel

Knievel is playing this Thursday in Enmore at the lovely establishment known as the Green Room Lounge, presided over by the legendary Nic Dalton. The trés cool Community Radio, a family affair with a fine musical pedigree and a sound that conjures Stereolab and Yo La Tengo, is on first. Cameron from Community Radio did a beautiful flyer (below) which tells you all you need to know.

Here are some clips to further entice you:

Community Radio - Happening For Us

Knievel - The Time I Found My Feet

6 June 2012

Knievel video upload caper

Not content with already having done three albums in their short 18-year career, Sydney indie purveyors Knievel are planning to release yet another album within a reasonably achievable, soon-to-be-pre-determined timespan.

Although the release has been shrouded in secrecy up to this point, sources have revealed that there is mounting pressure on the band to release the album before music is made exclusively by television talent show contestants.

The album, titled Emerald City, is slated for release in August through an esteemed purveyor of harmonicas, sheet music and violin strings. Initially it will be available exclusively on piano roll, but vinyl, cassette and virtually all other virtual formats will follow soon after.

The band courted controversy recently by refusing to make their music available on streaming service Spotify, joining in solidarity with artists such as Adele and Coldplay. Pundits were quick to note that Knievel's music is currently unavailable everywhere and the band were forced into a face-saving retreat.

Meanwhile, you can watch the much-talked-about clip to 'The Time I Found My Feet', featuring un homage to ye olde inner-city Sydney, on the band's you face page or youtube. The clip will be the main feature on opening night of the Sydney Film Festival (unconfirmed at this stage).

facebook |  youtube

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